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Final Two Weeks

  Week of June 26th It has been a busy month. My SANS course BACS 3275: Foundations: Computers, Technology, & Security is going well. I am a little bit behind as to where I would like to be. Currently, I am 91% through the modules. However, I have to take two practice tests as well and index my textbooks yet. All of which need to be done before my certification exam. I felt pretty good about the course in the beginning, but it started getting a lot more in-depth much faster than I thought that it would. I've been a bit distracted by life lately. Just lots to think about always. However, I am definitely blessed and I am thankful for everything that I have been given. I just need to stay focused and keep my head down.  I reregistered for Hack the Box, and I am thinking about rejoining TryHackMe as well. I always get so much knowledge out of those sites. SANS has something like it called "CyberStart", but I haven't looked into it much. Oh, I also started following al

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