Cybersecurity: It is Starting to Feel Real.


It has been one month since I set out on my Cybersecurity journey. Things are starting to feel real now. Yesterday marks the one year point until my contract is up and I will be leaving the Navy. I am already starting to feel a bit of anxiety and the pressure building... I can do this.  

I feel that my learning is going well, but also I know that there is lots of room for improvement. I feel like I am all over the place. Because I am such a beginner, I have so many things to learn. I've been trying to play catch up and achieve that in such a short amount of time, and it makes me feel like I'm not focused. 

My goal for September is to concentrate my time on just a few learning plans, instead of signing up for every Cybersecurity course, I can find online. This month my priorities are:

  • - College Course: CMIT265 Fundamentals of Networking
  • - Freecodecamp: Python for Everybody
  • - Tryhackme: Complete Beginner Learning Path

I hope that just focusing on these will relieve some of the feelings of being overwhelmed and help me to retain more of the information. I have a ton of great learning resources, but I need to do them individually, and not all at once. 

                            Lesson learned. 

Here is a list of things that I have accomplished since my last blog post on August, 16th 2020. 

  • - Completed the first two weeks of CMIT 265 Fundamentals of Networking.
  • - Finished the first 13 challenges of "Bandit" on
  • - Completed Basic Html and Html5 on
  • - Started Python For Everybody (23% complete)
  • - Completed FedVTE "CyberEssentials" Course
  • - Bought a brand new hacking book titled "Hands-on Hacking" by Matthew Hickey and Jennifer Arcuri. 
As I look back at all of the things that I have accomplished and learned this month, I can say that I do feel proud. Especially since I am full-time active duty in the Navy and have 5 other people depending on me at home. Those are the two things that I spend the majority of my time on. 

I am going to keep being motivated and stay the course on my journey.  Hopefully, I will have lots to reflect on at the end of this month. 

Thank you for following along!



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