My Week in Cybersecurity, Grace Hopper, Networks, and OverTheWire.

It has been one week since I posted my last progress report, and I am progressing nicely. I hit the books and courses each night, and I spent a minimum of two learning hours every time. I learned some computing history, vital networking information, and I found a website to put my newly acquired skills to use.

One of the more interesting pieces of information I delved into this week, was the life of Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. Being in the Navy myself I found her legacy to be a fascinating piece of computing history. Not only was she deemed the "Queen of Code", but she also coined common phrases that we still use today. Not only do we use her catchphrases, but the programming language COBOL that she developed is still in use as well. 

Roppers Academy is a cybersecurity curriculum put together by a group of U.S. Navy Officers who take pride in teaching aspiring cybersecurity professionals. I stumbled upon Roppers Academy through a Tweet by @VetSec, and I decided to join. I have been focused on their "Essential Skills Bootcamp", and I am currently 74% complete. Roppers Academy takes a very personal approach to how they compose the writeups for the content in each course. Because of this, I am really enjoying it. This is where I learned about Grace Hopper, a Hacker's attitude & ethics, as well as practicing more in Linux. I was also introduced to, which has a plethora of hacking activities to stimulate your brain. 

My CMIT265 class with my online college starts on Wednesday the 19th. However, the syllabus opens one week prior, so I have started to get a jumpstart on that. In this class, we are using an online LabSim named It seems fairly intuitive and it looks to be better than just learning out of a book ( I am a hands-on learner).

This week my goals are to continue on with Ropers Academy, start my CMIT265 class, continue on with my "Practical Ethical Hacking" Udemy course, and most of all start practicing python code each day.

Wish me luck! Thanks for stopping by.




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