My First Week of The New Year


January 3rd - 9th 2022

    Here is a quick list of all of the things that I accomplished this week on My Journey (Back) Into Cybersecurity.

Completed this week:
    • Created my first post on my cybersecurity blog in over a year.
    • Created a new Linkedin account.
    • Started a new subscription on TryHackMe.
      • Earned 2 Badges
      • Started the Complete beginner learning path (again).
    • Created goals and an outline for myself.
    • Enrolled into a EDX course. "Programming for Everybody" (Python).
    • Created a free account at INE for their penetration tester free course.
    • Picked up a new book "Linux for Hackers".
    • Started my application for Sans Technology Institute for a Bachelors in Cybersecurity

TryHackMe Badges


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