SANS Cybersecurity

Week of May 15th

After many months of following up with SANS Technology Institute, I have finally been accepted/registered/started my first SANS Course. I am currently enrolled in their bachelors of cybersecurity program. This means I brought 70 college level credit hours over from previous schooling, and I will take 2 years of cyber focused classes with SANS to complete my bachelors.

BACS 3275: Foundations: Computers, Technology, & Security is the first course that I am taking. Like most introductory courses it starts out pretty basic, but it seems to be ramping up at a nice pace.

I have a lot on my plate right now, but a goal of mine would be to start doing Youtube videos as I go along. Sharing what I am learning and building a community of others that are learning too. But we shall see... I have lots to do.

Check back soon!

- Eric 



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