Second Week Back on It!


January 10th-16th 2022

    They say it can take 21 days to form a habit, some say it's 66 days. Either way, I am back on track to making my daily studies a habit again. 

Here are a few of the things I was able to complete this week:

  • SANS Technology Institute - completed a 2-hour online assessment which covered areas such as networking and operating systems, and measures general information security aptitude. Required for application process.
  • Submitted my full application to SANS Institute for their bachelors program. The deadline was the 15th for this enrollment session.
  • Finished Chapter 1 with the quiz in Python 4 everybody EDx Course.
  • Thought about starting a Youtube channel to go along with my journey and blog. Jotted down a few ideas. 
  • Updated some additional information to my Linkedin.
  • Got Rick Rolled by trying to login to gain root access to (you should try it)
    There is one other thing I was able to accomplish this week, however it isn't really cybersecurity related. I haven't had a Redbull or a Monster all week! For me that is a major accomplishment. I've been addicted to these energy drinks for probably 10 years. I know it's disgusting. Maybe even longer than that, honestly. So for me to be able to go a week without one is a major hurdle.

    On to the next week. Hopefully I will have lots to report back. I know that no one actually reads this blog, but it is helpful for me to put a few checks in boxes and reflect on what I've done.

- Eric



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