Progress Update of My Cybersecurity Crusade.

So how is the progress going and what have I done this week? 

Things are going well, I am making headway in all the courses I am enrolled in. By far most advances have been made with the TryHackMe learning environment. I just find it really fun. The way the site is set up is to be a gamified learning experience is enjoyable. I don’t even feel like I am doing work. I have even earned a badge for hitting an 8 continuous day streak of learning.

I am also advancing through the Udemy “Practical Ethical Hacking” course. I am in section six, which focuses on learning Linux. I am doing this section simultaneously with the Linux section on Doing them both back to back is giving me a good deal of practice. The subnetting portion of the Udemy course is broken down really well and made it easier to understand. I don’t think I would have grasped the concept very well if I just read it from a text. 

I made the least progress on the FedVTE CompTIA A+ prep course that I am enrolled in. I forewent spending extra time on that course and instead found a mentorship and scholarship opportunity to apply for. The Cyber Mentor / TCM Security is offing a scholarship to help someone interested in the cybersecurity field. I spent 4 or 5 hours filling out the questions to be vetted for the scholarship on their website. By the time I finished, the deadline for enrollment had just ended. I was pretty bummed out. I put a lot of thought into my answers. I mean, it wasn’t a complete waste of time. It was actually really motivating to put those thoughts and goals into writing. Maybe I will even post them to my blog one day. 

There is still much to learn, but if I can keep making progress like I have so far, I will be on my way to where I want to end up.

- Eric


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